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Slide Presentation for the January 27, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting can be found at the following link: slide-presentation-to-the-board-january-27-2016

Federal Complaint Count 16 Fundraising for Visual and Performing Arts can be found at the following link:

LCAP Goal 3 Annual Review can be found at the following link:

All documentation posted on the web site: 


(A) Request that the Capistrano Unified School District comply with the following State laws and Board Policy:

United States Constitution Section 1 Equal Protection Law

State Constitution Article 9 Section 5 Free School Guarantee

State Constitution Article 1 Section 7 and Article 4 Section 16 Equal Protection

Education Code Section 51210 - Course of Study Grades 1-6 - The District is required to fund two visual and performing arts classes at every school site.

Education Code Section 51220 - Course of Study Grades 7-12

Education Code Section 51225.3 Academic Subjects Required for Graduation

Education Code Section 60605.1 State Board Adoption of Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum

Education Code Section 8810 - Arts Education must be included in school curriculum Education Code Section 8820 - Inclusion of the Arts in a school curriculum Education Code Section 8950 - Summer School for the Arts

Education Code Section 51225.3 (E) - Required Courses of Study for Graduation - One course in visual or performing arts, foreign language, or, commencing with the 2012-13 school year, career technical education.

Education Code Section 60605.1 - Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum, content standards

Education Code Section 51511 - Religious matters properly included in courses of study Code of Regulation Title 5 Section 350 - School Fees not permitted

Bylaw of the Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees 9000 Roles of the Board - Powers and Responsibilities

Bylaw of the Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees 9271 - Code of Ethics

CUSD Board Policy 0410 Philosophy - Goals - Objectives and Comprehensive Plans - Non- discrimination in District Programs and Activities

CUSD Board Policy 0420.1 Philosophy - Goals - Objectives and Comprehensive Plans - School Based Program Guidelines

CUSD Board Policy1000 Community Relations - Concepts and Roles

CUSD Board Policy1020 Community Relations - Youth Services

CUSD Board Policy1100 Community Relations - Communication with the Public

CUSD Board Policy1160 Community Relations - Political Process

CUSD Board Policy1230 Community Relations - School Connected Organizations

CUSD Board Policy1321 Community Relations- Solicitation of Funds From and By Students CUSD Board Policy3260 Business and Non-instructional Operations - Student Fees

CUSD Board Policy3290 Business and Non-Instructional Operations - Gifts, Grants and Bequests.

CUSD Board Policy3291 Business and Non-Instructional Operations - Gifts to School Personnel

CUSD Board Policy5180 Students - Nondiscrimination

CUSD Board Policy6142.6 Instruction - Visual and Performing Arts Education

CUSD Board Policy6143 Instruction - Courses of Study

CUSD Board Policy6145 Instruction - Extracurricular and Co-curricular Activities

CUSD Board Policy6145.5 Instruction - Student Organizations and Equal Access and fully fund a visual and performing arts curriculum for every student beginning January 1, 2016.

(B) Return donations to donors:

Perform an audit of all donations for visual and performing arts.
I have documented the following from board meeting agendas; however, the bookkeeping for accepting donations is not in compliance with State laws and Board Policies.

Total donations for elementary Music for 2015-16 have been $237,184.00.

Total donations for elementary Art for 2015-16 have been $81,552.27.

Request that the District return donations to Donors to be used for other items that are not mandated by law to be funded by the District.

* Donations should be returned for the 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years (implementation of California's new education funding law Local Control Funding Formula)

(C) Implementation of a district funded elementary music and art program for all students in grades 1-6 beginning January 2016.

(D) Amend the District's 2015-16 budget to reflect the cost for CUSD to fund a visual and performing arts curriculum for all students that is within the law in subsequent budgets. 

Local Control Funding Formula

California's New Education Funding Law determines the amount of funding a particular district receives based on the wealth, race, and ethnicity of students living within the district. Read more...




Local Control Accountability Plan - "No" Accountability

Under California's New Education Funding Law Accountability has be removed from the CDE and OCDE. Districts are overseeing themselves. Read more... 

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